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            Rain and Snow Expected Easter Weekend


            We are gearing up for an active holiday weekend with chances for rain and snow showers along with strong wind in the forecast.

            Friday will be dry and mostly sunny for a majority of the day. What you’ll notice most is that the wind has died down. The wind will be 10-15 mph out of the southwest throughout the afternoon. Cloud cover is expected to build in throughout the late evening as the next system approaches the state.

            This next system will begin to arrive on Saturday. Cloud cover will keep morning lows around 40° for the morning and a southerly wind will boost highs into the mid and upper 50s by the afternoon. Rain showers will begin to develop across Iowa during the afternoon, however less than a tenth of an inch of accumulation is anticipated. Isolated thunderstorms are possible late Saturday into early Sunday as the strongest part of the system begins to arrive, meanwhile over far NW Iowa rain will already begin to change over to snow around midnight.

            Sunday Overview:
            Rain will continue to change over to snow slowly throughout Sunday. Along with this transition the wind will strengthen to 20-30 mph out of the NW which will create low visibility as snow falls. Snow will end by midnight on Monday.

            The wind will strengthen from the NW throughout Sunday.

            Timeline of Snowfall Sunday:
            By Sunday morning (8 AM), rain will be light across central and eastern Iowa with snow expanding into parts of the channel 13 viewing area (Kossuth, Pocahontas, Calhoun, and Humboldt county). From this line and NW is where we will see the highest snowfall amounts thanks to a longer duration.
            By noon on Sunday a few more counties across central Iowa will begin to see the transition to snow (Webster, Wright, Franklin, Carroll, Greene, Audubon, and Guthrie county). Meanwhile, the rest of central and eastern Iowa will still experience light rain during this time.
            For all counties south of Hwy 20 and along I-35, the transition to snow will occur during the late afternoon and early evening hours Sunday. Snow will continue across the rest of western Iowa.

            A Winter Storm Watch is in place for Kossuth, Humboldt, Pocahontas, and Calhoun counties from 7 AM Sunday until 7 AM Monday.

            Snow will continue through the late evening hours, but begin to taper off as the time gets closer to midnight. By midnight, all snow will be east of the channel 13 viewing area; and by sunrise on Monday the entire state will be dry.

            Timeline of Snow Expected on Easter Sunday

            The highest amounts will occur across NW Iowa (including Webster, Wright, Franklin, Carroll, Greene, and Audubon, county) where 2-5″ are expected. Less than 1″ of snow is expected east and and south of the Des Moines metro area, with up to 2″ in between.

            Snow Accumulation expected by Sunday night

            Roads will become completely covered in snowfall in many areas west of interstate-35. Expect slick roads starting in the west and NW counties by the late morning hours with a slow deterioration of roads farther east throughout the afternoon and evening.
            Visibility will also be low thanks to the strong NW wind that will accompany the falling snow.

            Early next week will be drier but it will also be much colder. Highs will top out in the lower 40s, which is about 15-20° below the average for mid-April.


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